Hey John Green,​ when you finally write a woman of color into one of your books, hook me up for the movie adaptation! Ily!

ariela: we should dress up like jason schwartzman and then make a regular video
me: like different iterations of jason schwartzman?
ariela: no the exact same jason schwartzman
me: i don't think people will get it
ariela: that doesn't matter





i used to think i didn’t like people hating john green books because i was a fan of him as a person but now i don’t really care and sometimes i actively dislike him so why am i still so bothered by john green jokes?

because they’re a meme

because a lot of the non-critical hate essentially boils down to misogyny?

because it’s all too easy to hate something young women like. it’s like twilight all over again, where there are legitimate problems with the content and the messages of the books and what it tells teenage girls about themselves and their relationships but instead all the hate for the series is aimed at the fanbase.

also, it’s a problem within nerd culture as a whole, where people get sick of pretentious nerds thinking they’re superior for liking something, and so they pretentiously declare their dislike for that thing so they can gain a false sense of superiority and it’s

a headache.

sometimes you just fold your laundry and listen to the Sex Pistols play songs about anarchy


when will the bullying end


when will the bullying end

the other day i found out that there is a kid attending my old elementary school named “Bowie” and i’m just mad that they’re not me

watching a sad movie and then right after listening to claire de lune was not the smartest move on my part

ya books and movies are very frequently cheesy and bad but they still make me feeeeeel thingssssssss


Are you a person who lives in Los Angeles?

Well I’m a photographer in LA and I need models to expand my portfolio! 

So if you maybe want to model for me or want some portraits of you done, you can email me at ArielaBarer@gmail.com or just send me an ask

Above are some pictures I’ve taken just to give you an idea of my work I guess

Thanks so much!

ariela is a PHENOMENAL photographer and one of my best friends so you should help her


*packs a bong* see im not gunna rip it cause its a metaphor. *holds it to my mouth and makes saxophone noises* the real high is life

Mungo Thomson - Negative Space (2006)


my whole thing with the trigger warning thing is that yea its good and cool that ur people would be like “ay lemme cover this shit up for my guy over here” like its great and i do it to a degree myself cuz i got people on here with some stuff they dont mess with but on the other side u have to realize that no not everyone is gonna do it even if u ask because the cold truth is nobody owes u a fuckin thing and yeah its mean but thats how it is so u have to put on that mental body armor when u go out cuz u cant expect the world to have personal blinders to cater to ur comfort and thats no disrespect to the people who tag ardently but even they have to realize their efforts only go as far as their own domain and beyond that its kinda like an unspoken “shit good luck” yfm